Little Forest Open Competition


In 2017 one of the old oak trees on the edge of the meadow was split vertically from top to bottom during stormy weather. It was becoming increasingly dangerous as the gap progressively opened more widely. A decision was eventually made, with the advice of the Forestry Commision, to remove the danger. Jan decided to leave a large stump in the ground and have the top levelled (ish) which gave us another area to display on (plus a lot of oak to work with on other projects).

The idea to keep this space to host an open competition each year then came to fruition. Many creatives are looking for unusual spaces to display their work and this is certainly one of them.

The 4th Plinth – May 2017

We tidied the area and created a path around the Plinth with woodchip from the tree, creating an ‘island’ for the Plinth so visitors can view the work from all sides.
As you can see from the photograph below, and like the rest of the site, nature is taking over and the brambles are spreading creating a more enclosed, cosy site.

The 4th Plinth – October 2021

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