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Competition Winner 2018 – Abigail Day

I have always wanted to tap into outdoor sculpture, and being able to exhibit my work on Hampshire’s very own 4th Plinth has provided me with the perfect platform to showcase my work in a new setting and environment.

Abigail Day 05

I discovered I’d been selected a couple of weeks before I moved to Venice for an internship at the Peggy Guggenheim Collection, which added to the excitement. I installed my piece a mere 48 hours before I left the UK, and upon returning I was able to see how the materials had fared in the variety of British weather across this time, which was particularly interesting…

The bright blue wax contrasting against the surrounding greenery has slowly faded in the sunlight, and cracks have begun to appear, through rainwater filling the small well at the top of the wax, freezing and melting. This relates back to the buildings from which my work takes inspiration, many Brutalist buildings are neglected and left to slowly decompose, resulting in them looking slightly unkempt.
In this particular piece, I’ve cast the wax onto the concrete to resemble and mimic a city skyline/silhouette. The pop of bright blue wax represents interventions of colour within urban landscapes and surroundings such as graffiti, cladding and signage. This particular piece of concrete has been salvaged, which I believe to be a scrap of road curb.


Using no fixtures, this piece may seem somewhat precarious at the same as being evidently solid. In this way, I am continuing my investigations into Brutalist architecture – sculptural buildings that have often generated strong opposing feelings of disdain or delight from urban residents.

The combination of man-made materials and natural surroundings, this piece is almost a comment on how nature is being taken over by high rise and concrete structures.

I have also been asked to be a judge for next year’s Boarhunt 4th Plinth competition and I am excited to see the possibilities. I would highly recommend applying! The support from the Little Forest team has been fantastic, and having the privilege to showcase my work in such a tranquil setting alongside local talent is really special.

I have also thoroughly enjoyed having the opportunity to discuss and explain my practice and thought processes with visitors to Little Forest through a series of ‘meet the maker’ talks. I don’t think it’s immediately obvious what you are presented with and this has allowed me to open up a whole new way of looking at my work and making it more accessible.

Also exhibiting so close to my hometown has been a real milestone for me as all my previous exhibitions have been based in the West Midlands.


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